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Cockroach Facts!


The cockroach can be found on every continent on earth, and they are extremely adaptable to changing conditions. It is believed they have been here for millions of years. They can adapt to any condition that nature throws at them, and are masters of survival. They will die after a week without water, however with a water source, they can live for a month without food.

Cockroaches are carnivorous and eat decaying organic matter as well as meat. It’s also a common myth that roaches will eat your skin or nails while you sleep. This is simply not true. In extreme infestations, larger cockroaches have been known to bite people, but only in extreme infestations. Roaches will often eat each other too, if desperate for food. They will eat their own dead to survive, and this is why gel baits will work well in eliminating the cockroach population. The product is easily spread throughout the colony and creates a domino effect on the population.

For most of us, cockroaches are that annoying, horrible pest that invades your home, and cause some level of anxiety. But for others, cockroaches are a delicacy. In Cambodia, roaches are eaten along with rats, grasshoppers and even spiders. Think about that when you see one next time crawling across your kitchen floor!