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Tabitha Foundation


In Cambodia, some very poor families cannot save for a home. Reasons include head of the family being a widow, single mother or landmine victim. For such families, Tabitha Cambodia brings international, volunteer building teams to Cambodia to supply the additional money and work…

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Pest Manager of the Year 2012


Competitive Pest Control is now officially the best pest control company in Australia. As voted by our industry peers!  The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) is the recognised association and voice of the Australian Professional Pest Management Industry. Every year, they…

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Mr Whippy


Lets face it, pest control, in general, doesn’t really bring to mind lots of colours. However, Competitive Pest Control has always wanted to be a little different. A few years ago, we started using our colourful Bug Graffiti image on some of…

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Pantry Moth Prevention Clean-out

Winter is a season we tend to spend more time at home. This is a great time of year to clean out the pantry, in an effort to prevent a Spring/Summer outbreak of Pantry Moths. Pantry moths are small moths that feed…

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Avoid bringing bedbugs home from holiday…


A chance to relax and escape the everyday demands of work and home is a real reward, but today’s vacations bring an extra worry besides airline baggage fees: bedbugs. Once rarely seen, these blood-sucking creatures are appearing with a vengeance at the…

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Much to learn from kindly rats

CHICAGO: As charges of greed and self-interest fly in these hyper-partisan political times, humans might do well to look to rats for lessons in kindness. A University of Chicago experiment to discover how much empathy rats have for each other had some…

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