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Competitive Recommends Conducting A Termite Inspection Before Putting Your House On The Market

There is nothing worse than putting your home on the market, only to find that when a prospective buyer conducts their Pest Inspection that your home is infested with termites.

Putting your home on the market can be a time of mixed emotions. Ensure the balance of emotions is tipped to the positive, by arranging for your home to be inspected for termites before you put your house on the market. Competitive periodically receives calls from clients that have not taken this essential step when selling their home, and they are then placed in a situation of a reduced sale, or potential buyers running scared. We have currently found that it is not only pest control companies, but also real estate agents now recommending their clients to conduct a termite inspection prior to listing.

The benefit of conducting a termite inspection before listing ensures that if there is a termite issue on your property, you can then arrange to treat the termites and postpone the sale. Whilst not ideal, it is a preferred option over halting the sales process.

Competitive Pest Control has highly trained and experienced inspectors in Sydney and Brisbane/Gold Coast to conduct your inspection.  Your eight-page report will then be completed on the day to Australian Standard 3660.  A termite inspection on an average sized home is approximately $250, and we believe, a small cost to consider.

To discuss any information in this article, please do not hesitate to conduct one of our Customer Care Executives on 1300 766 614.

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