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Much to learn from kindly rats

CHICAGO: As charges of greed and self-interest fly in these hyper-partisan political times, humans might do well to look to rats for lessons in kindness. A University of Chicago experiment to discover how much empathy rats have for each other had some…

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Bring in bug squad: insects may help in rescues

FLYING insects could soon be used in search and rescue missions to help locate survivors of earthquakes and other disasters, scientists say. Tiny cameras and microphones mounted on beetles might help the emergency services find victims trapped or buried beneath rubble. The…

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Spider fangs may become the farmers’ friend

  POISONOUS Australian spiders could soon be helping Australian cotton, wheat and fruit farmers reduce their reliance on harmful chemical sprays. Researchers at the University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience have identified hundreds of small natural proteins in the venom of…

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