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The Competitive Foundation


Competitive Pest Control won the 2012 Australian Pest Manager of the year award, an industry event that was sponsored by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association.  We unanimously decided to give away our $5,000 prize money to the New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC), a charity that has resonated with us ever since our director, Gary Journeaux, visited their orphanage mid last year.

New Hope for Cambodian Children is an orphanage that was founded by John and Kathy Tucker in 2006. NHCC was the first organization to provide antiretroviral medication to HIV positive children in Cambodia. With the help of the Clinton Foundation and Global Fund they continue to care for more than 1700 children in eight Cambodian provinces.

The organization has built a village for 240 HIV/AIDS orphans and abandoned children and also provides food, education and transportation to hospitals for over 1480 children. Competitive Pest Services have also been humbled by the opportunity to assist them in organising multiple charity events as well as re-designing their website.