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5. Residents Warned of Escalating Wasp Numbers

Canberra residents are being warned of growing European wasp numbers and nests. Hibernation and queen rearing takes place at this time of the year for this wasp. Dr Philip Spradbery, a wasp expert from Territory and Municipal Services, stated that residents should…

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4. New Study Finds Cockroaches Evolving Taste Buds to Avoid Human Baits

A new study has found that cockroaches are evolving their taste buds to avoid human baits. With their new taste buds, the sweet-tasting baits now taste bitter to the cockroach, so that they end up avoiding the baits. By the 1990s, pest-control…

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3. Termites Devour Grandmother’s $69,000 in Cash Savings

A Chinese grandmother was shocked to find that her cash savings, worth $69,000, had been partially devoured by termites. The woman, living in Guangdong in southern China, had stored the large sum of money in bank notes in a drawer at her…

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2. Auburn University Bedbug Research Breaks New Ground

The bedbug has been making a steady return to bedrooms around the world ever since DDT almost eradicated it in the 1950s. While there has been less research in the area in recent years, one important study is shedding new light on…

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1. Rat Plague for Melbourne Households

Melbourne households have seen a significant rise in the number of rats in recent months. The rats have been driven to seek out food in homes by drought and lack of feed. According to Peter Taylor, an expert in pest control, there…

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