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3. Termites Devour Grandmother’s $69,000 in Cash Savings

A Chinese grandmother was shocked to find that her cash savings, worth $69,000, had been partially devoured by termites.

The woman, living in Guangdong in southern China, had stored the large sum of money in bank notes in a drawer at her home.

Her children had given her the money months ago, and rather than depositing the money in the bank, she had kept the bank notes stowed away in a plastic bag in her drawer for six months. She had planned to redecorate her house with the money.

When she tried to retrieve the money, she discovered that large amounts of it had been eaten away by termites. The grandmother said that some of the cash was now stuck together by the termites’ mucus.

The money was taken to the bank and staff spent some time checking the notes to determine what could be saved. Around $10,3000 was lost and the rest was recovered.