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5. Residents Warned of Escalating Wasp Numbers

Canberra residents are being warned of growing European wasp numbers and nests. Hibernation and queen rearing takes place at this time of the year for this wasp.

Dr Philip Spradbery, a wasp expert from Territory and Municipal Services, stated that residents should act now by treating nests as soon as possible.

He described the European wasp as an “invasive species in Canberra” and added that current queens could produce 20,000 new queens, each of which could build a new nest of its own.

While it can be difficult to find a wasp nest, there are other ways to tell when a home has a nest of wasps. There is often a hole leading into the house or garden, and wasps can be seen flying around the hole during the day.

Nests can be difficult to treat. Dr Spradbery encouraged residents who believe they have a European wasp nest to contact the ACT Government’s European Wasp Hotline for more information, or to seek the advice of a professional.