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Bat Houses a Proven Tool for Mosquito Control

Bat houses have been used successfully to control mosquito infestations for thousands of years. A resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Leroy Smith knew this when he decided to make 100 bat houses and distribute them throughout his local neighbourhood.

The idea appealed to Smith because the 2013 flood has led to a mosquito invasion in the local area. Bat houses are similar to birdhouses; they create a living space for bats and encourage them to stay close and help control the mosquito population.

It is not a commonly known fact, but bats love to eat mosquitoes. Lori Lomoro, a program coordinator at the Blandford Nature Centre, explained that just one little bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a night.

A single bat house can accommodate 20 to 30 bats. Bat houses should be painted black and fixed in a tree at 15 feet high. Where possible, the bat house should face the direction with the most sun exposure and be close to water, as bats love water.