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Effective Cockroach Control in the Home

Cockroaches can infest a home surprisingly quickly in the absence of adequate control measures. There are different ways in which residents can deter cockroaches in the home.

Using borax and chemicals

To create cockroach bait, mix borax and sugar in equal amounts. Set a small pile in the middle of a jar lid and set these baits in different areas around the home, particularly those where cockroaches have been seen.

Borax can also be worked into carpets to kill cockroaches and their eggs. Leave the borax for a week before vacuuming the carpet. Chemical control options, such as sprays and chemical baits by professionals, are alternatives to consider.

Cleanliness as a deterrent

Keeping the kitchen as clean as possible is another way to deter cockroaches around the home. Cockroaches are attracted to sewerage, cardboard, pet food, food scraps, and garbage.

Leftovers should be covered in airtight containers, and pet bowls emptied and washed after meals. Rather than being left in the sink, dirty dishes should be washed immediately. Cardboard and garbage should be placed in the appropriate bins for collection instead of being left around.