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Beat Pests This Spring

While spring may bring a welcome change to the winter months, it can also bring pests, weeds and other annoyances. Take these steps to reduce their impact.


The key to getting rid of wasps and bees is to eliminate their nests. It’s best to do this early before the nest gets too large. If you’re intent on getting rid of the nest yourself, spray it with an insecticide at night when the bees are less active while wearing protective clothing. However, it is best to call in a professional so that there’s no risk of you getting stung.


Cluster flies appear around spring and are drawn by warmth and light. It’s best to stop them before they enter your home so block cracks in foundations, siding, trims and other openings. If they do get in, spray insecticide specific to flies around all entry points.


Follow the trail of ants to see where they’re coming from. Attack the nest directly with insecticide. However, if you can’t locate the nest then use baits.


To control weeds, the grass should be cut to a manageable length and the weeds controlled with the herbicide that works for that species. The minimum amount should be used to protect the quality of the soil.