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Labrador Helps Beat Bed Bugs

While bed bugs may be spreading, a local business has found that canine help can combat the problem.

More traditionally associated with drug busts, dogs are now being trained by the local pest controller to identify live bed bug infestations in businesses in the North Dakota, Minnesota and surrounding areas.

Local labrador, Karley was trained by Scent Detection Systems to find the tiny creatures and now works in hotels, homes and medical facilities.

The company said the dogs are more reliable than humans in detecting a bed bug problem. Dogs are able to identify bed bugs in 90% of cases, while humans trained in detecting them are more likely to strike a 30% to 40% success rate.

Karley was trained using a bag of live bed bugs, with a tennis ball being offered as a reward. After she’s detected bed bugs, pest controllers need to be called in separately to eliminate them. She can also only detect live bed bugs but so far has a 100% success rate.