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EPA Removing Pests From Schools

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a campaign to remove pests such as mice, ants and spiders from schools as well as educate them on more eco-friendly pest removal methods than chemicals and poisons.

Colorado educator, Deborah Young, said the pests are a problem for teachers. She said mice running through the room interrupts classes and can also spread disease and trigger allergic reactions.

Mouse urine and cockroach saliva can cause asthma attacks while deer mice can spread the potentially lethal hantavirus.

The EPA’s Pest Management Program began two years ago and also aims to cut pesticide use. Pesticide vapours can enter the bloodstream and cause a range of medical problems.

Schools are also encouraged to be more sanitary and dispose of waste more effectively to eliminate their appeal to pests.

It’s hoped that by 2015, most K-12 schools in the US will have proper pest control measures in place. Industries including agriculture and housing are also being targeted by the program.