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Home Maintenance Crucial For Controlling Pests

Mosquitoes, ants, ticks and other pests start to gain momentum as the weather heats up, but some simple home maintenance can help keep them at bay.


The best way to control mosquitoes is to control their breeding grounds. These potentially lethal insects can breed in as little as a teaspoon of still water. To prevent them from colonising your home gutters and drains should be cleared. Old buckets, tyres and other junk that collect water in the garden should be thrown away.

Ticks and rats

Gardens should be kept clear and free of weeds and large grassy patches. This will give ticks and rodents fewer areas to hide. Animal faeces can also attract rodents so remember to clean up after your pets.

Ants and termites

It’s important to clear away decaying wood and store firewood away from the home to help repel termites. Any termite damage should be identified early before it’s too late. Surfaces should be kept clean and food put away in order to keep ants away. While chemicals can kill them, it’s more important to eliminate their food source to stop them coming back.