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How to Stay Safe From Irritating Insects

There are a range of steps people can take to protect themselves from summer’s most irritating insects. Terminix, the world’s biggest pest control provider, and Harris Interactive provided these tips:


Mosquitoes are not just irritating, they can also be dangerous as they are known to spread a number of potentially fatal viruses. To control mosquitoes it’s important to repair damaged drains and prevent water from collecting. Soil should be used to fill low lying areas of the garden in order to prevent water pooling after rainfall. Standing water in pots, barrels and paddling pools should also be regularly emptied.


Plants such as roses and fruit trees should be avoided if you’d like to live without ants. These attract aphids and other small insects that ants eat. Heavy layers of mulch also store the moisture that ants need to survive. Keep firewood, wood scraps, stumps and dead limbs away from the house so that ants don’t have a place to thrive. also seal any small cracks and openings into the home.


It’s important to stay away from the wasp nest, which is usually located in the garden or at the side of the house. It’s also important to be careful when using loud equipment such as mowers, as these can startle wasps and incite an attack. It is best to call in a professional pest controller to get rid of the wasps once and for all.