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Man Sets House on Fire While Trying To Kill Bed Bugs

A man has set his house on fire while trying to kill bed bugs, injuring himself and four firefighters.

The man combined a heater, hair dryer and heat gun into an improvised heating contraption to try to kill the bed bugs. Unfortunately, he accidentally set fire to the second floor of his home in doing so.

Firefighters were called and put out the blaze, only to return to the home again later when the fire reignited.

Bed bugs live off the blood of their victims and cause itching and skin irritation. They are a growing local nuisance and often prove difficult to manage. They can be very hard to detect as they are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Although some people try to control the creatures by calling an exterminator, they often return shortly after treatment. It’s expected that even after a major fire as happened in this incident, the bed bugs will return.