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England Faces a Decade of Rain

Forecasters are predicting that England could face a decade of rain, which is expected to affect the country in a variety of ways. The Guardian covered some of the possible changes:


Campers thrive on fine weather and the activity has boomed in recent years. This will be severely affected by ongoing years of rain. However, caravans might become more popular.


Wet weather means that there are more breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying but carry diseases such as malaria, which could become more widespread if the rain increases their numbers.


Continuous downpours are likely to lead people to plant hardier crops such as artichokes and rhubarb rather than tomatoes and bell peppers. Lots of rain also makes gardens grow faster so lawns will flourish but this will also bring more weeds, snails and slugs.

Birds and Bees

Insects such as bees and butterflies dislike the rain as it damages their wings. They will likely migrate to large nature reserves, hence affecting the animals and birds that rely on them as food.