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How to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From a Hotel

Bedbugs have surged in number recently, feeding on the blood of hotel guests while they sleep.

The tiny pests enjoy settling in bedding and furniture. While they don’t spread disease, their bites can cause anything from mild irritation to large welts. They also latch on to suitcases and clothes and so can easily spread from hotel rooms to homes if guests are not careful.

To stay safe, people should seal as much of their luggage as possible. Most bed bugs are resistant to repellents, so manual barriers are the most effective way to combat them.

The hotel room should be inspected on arrival for tiny blood clots. If there are signs of bed bugs, another room should be demanded immediately. Suitcases should be kept away from furniture and walls until the inspection is complete.

Shoes and socks should also be kept in sealed plastic bags overnight as bed bugs are attracted to the smell of feet.

Once home, any items that entered the hotel should be washed in hot water and then dried on the hottest setting for 20 minutes or more in order to kill them.