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How to Store Flour and Stop Pests Getting In

Regular bakers should follow a few basic guidelines when storing flour in order to prevent pests spoiling it:

  • Large, food-safe containers with tightly sealing lids are best for storing large quantities of flour. The lid needs to be airtight rather than just firm. If not, air, moisture and small pests are able to enter.
  • For smaller amounts of flour, strong containers or glass jars are fine to use. If reusing a container, it’s important to ensure there is no odour in the material that could infuse into the flour.

  • If the flour is being stored in bags, it needs to be kept in a cupboard without strong smells. It also needs to be kept safe from potential pests. Flour should also not be kept on the floor as moisture can enter the bag.
  • It’s also important to realise that flour only stays fresh for a brief period of time, especially if it’s whole-wheat. It’s better to buy flour as needed rather than storing up large amounts for the future.