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New Way to Beat Bed Bugs

An innovative micro-fibre net has been developed to protect people from bed bugs. The micro-fibres are just one fiftieth the width of a human hair and entangle the bed bugs and other insects, preventing them from attacking.

The net was made by scientists at Stony Brook University and it is being promoted by Fibertrap, which focuses on developing non-toxic pest controls.

The nanotechnology creates entangled fibres that are millions of times more dense than common fibres such as carpets or fabric. These fibres trap the bed bugs’ legs as they walk, preventing them from eating or mating.

The fibre is developed by a process called electro-spinning, whereby fibres are drawn out of a liquid using electric charges.

The material has now been tested with bed bugs and termites and has been shown to be safe for humans. No chemicals are used, which the insects can develop a resistance to.

Bed bugs are small parasites that feed on the blood of people and pets as they sleep. They are very resilient and withstand temperatures from under 10 degrees celsius to over 45 degrees celsius. Their bites cause a range of reactions from redness to large welts.