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The Garden Benefits of Household Waste

A range of commonly discarded waste products can work wonders in the garden and some can even help to repel pests. Chocolate Husks Cacao husks can help trap heat and moisture in the soil, while delivering phosphorus and nitrogen for strength and…

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Unclean Restaurants Named and Shamed

10% of NSW restaurants have been fined for breaches in food safety over the last five years. The Food Authority’s new name and shame list shows that over 1,000 of these restaurants were fined for having cockroach infestations, mice and rats and…

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Give the Cold Shoulder to Pests

Here are some simple housekeeping measures that will pull up the Welcome mat for pests: If you must leave dirty dishes overnight, rinse and part-fill them  with hot, soapy water. Try not to leave unwashed dishes in the dishwasher overnight.

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Keeping Pests Out of The Home

There are a variety of steps homeowners should take in order to keep pests out of their homes. Seal any entry points It’s important to carefully examine walls, floors and ceilings to discover even tiny entry points that bugs can use to…

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Local Mosquito Poses Year Round Threat

Research has found that an introduced species of mosquito is active throughout the year. The University of Sydney’s Cameron Webb said that the London Underground Mosquito originally attacked Londoners who sheltered in the underground train network during bombing in World War II….

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Pest Controllers are Trained Professionals

A professional pest controller is usually regulated by state health laws to ensure your home is treated safely with the best practices and substances for the job. If you live in Victoria, your pest controller must have a license that shows he…

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