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How to Control Pests

A pest infestation  is a complex problem that requires a three-pronged attack. People should use an integrated approach when dealing with pest problems.

Integrated Pest Management involves three main components – stopping pests from entering a space, denying them sustenance and using traps or chemical treatment if needed.

To stop rats and mice from entering a home, people should check thoroughly for ways they can enter and block those points. This includes plugging foundations, filling crawl spaces and removing branches that overhang the property.

The area outside the home can also be made less attractive to rodents. Rubbish should be stored in sealed bins rather than plastic bags outside. The grass should also be kept short to deprive pests of a place to hide and pet food should be kept inside. Bird food should also be kept out of reach from rodents while vegetable gardens should be securely fenced.

It’s also important to encourage neighbours to do the same as keeping pests away is much more effective when tackled by the street as a whole.

If the first two steps of an Integrated Pest Management plan don’t work then it’s time to call in the professionals to trap or bait the pests.