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How To Get Pest Management Right in the Food Industry

Food companies need to have a pest management strategy in place, explained Food magazine.

While it’s not an issue that many like talking about, not having a plan can endanger customers and the business’ reputation.

The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) created a new code of practice for the food industry just eighteen months ago.

AEPMA representative David Gray said the code brought together the disparate standards currently operating in various sectors of the industry.

The code is now an easy to use resource for manufacturers, pest managers and auditors.

The code was developed partly in response to the fact that many auditors come from a food background and have little knowledge of pest management. Auditors now review pest management in a business more methodically and set improvement targets.

Pest Manager Paul Moreira argued that the key to pest management is cleanliness and maintenance. Food manufacturers also need to consider varied approaches to containing pests, such as using physical barriers and limiting their food source rather than simply applying chemicals.

“All of those things link into the site’s pest management program,” he said.