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Cockroaches and Rats Take Over Leeds Hospital

Pest controllers have attended hospitals in Leeds 771 times over the last 30 months to deal with a vast array of pests.

Cockroaches have been found in operating theatres, rats have been found near a crèche and a swarm of flies was found in an antenatal wing. There have also been multiple reports of ants, silverfish and bedbugs since the beginning of 2011.

Critics have questioned hygiene standards at the hospitals. They’ve said it’s disgraceful that disease carrying pests have been allowed to flourish in places full of vulnerable, sick people.

Pest controllers removed cockroaches from a children’s theatre in early 2011. They had to remove cockroaches from boxes and even a light fitting, as well as cockroach eggs.

A spokesperson from Leeds Teaching Hospital responded that they have a zero-tolerance approach to pests on site. All incidents are recorded and reported to pest controllers immediately. He said that the old age of the buildings means that pest problems will emerge from time to time because the buildings have more entry points for pests to use, despite the work done by cleaners.

However, many medical services are now being moved into more modern, pest resistant facilities. Older buildings are being used for services other than patient care.