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Controlling Pests Without Chemicals

Food premises must be free of pets such as mice, rats and cockroaches in order to operate legally.

Unfortunately, many chemical treatments used to achieve this are toxic to human health and can quite easily contaminate nearby food.

However, there are a variety of non-toxic pest control methods that businesses can use.

Mouse traps

New electronic mouse traps kill rodents and notify the business owner that the kill has occurred, allowing them to quickly remove the decaying body before it starts to pose a health risk.


New carbon-dioxide sprays are also available that freeze insects without leaving a toxic residue.

Web monitoring

Web based reporting tools are also useful and now allow pest controllers to more quickly inform clients about pest issues they need to know about. This reduces the amount of in-person checking that needs to be done by the client to know the progress of their pest control measures.

While organic producers spearheaded the move towards non-toxic pest control methods, other organisations are now following suit. European companies are leading the way, spurred on by strict legislation and penalties.