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Why Do Some People Get Bitten More By Mosquitoes?

Scientists are looking into why mosquitoes tend to bite some people more than others.

Mosquitoes hone in on their prey by sensing heat and carbon dioxide. They are also attracted to human odour, created by bacteria on a person’s skin.

Doctor L. J. Zwiebel is a professor of biological sciences at Vanderbilt University and he said that people should shower with an anti-bacterial soap to reduce their chance of being bitten. They should also avoid being outside at dusk or dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

It’s also important to wear full sleeved shirts and trousers whenever possible and spray clothing with a repellent containing DEET. This confuses the mosquito’s sense of smell and helps prevent it from locating its victim.

Dr Zwiebel also explained that people who think they are bitten more often may just notice more because they have an allergic reaction. He said that if people are bitten they shouldn’t scratch because scratching spreads the mosquito’s saliva and worsens any allergic reaction.

Children often react worse to mosquito bites than adults and should be especially careful around them. Sweating can also act as a lure to mosquitoes and should be kept to a minimum in mosquito prone areas if possible.