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McDonalds Fined for Pest Control Breach

McDonalds was fined $70,000 after one of its Brisbane restaurants failed a council inspection.

The inspectors found parts of cockroaches and pest bait sitting above an ice container. The inspectors also found grease on the floor near a dishwashing area and food waste on utensils.

McDonalds said it was disappointed by the issues and has sought to redress them with new procedures, training and checking.

McDonalds said it spends over $40 million every year on training staff which includes procedures to ensure food safety.

The Elizabeth St restaurant was one of 21 restaurants to be fined a total of $370,000 as part of the city council’s Eat Safe initiative.

While it was previously owned and run by McDonalds it is currently being operated by a local franchisee.

Following the breach the restaurant has now earned a four-star rating from the Brisbane City Council, representing a high standard of compliance with food safety laws.