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The Main Termite Targets

Termites are one of leading causes of home damage in Australia. To avoid this expensive problem, homeowners need to be able to identify termite damage early.

The following areas are where they usually attack.

Windowsills and skirting boards

Termites feed off the wood that makes up windowsills and skirting boards. The skirting board and window also represent easy entry points for termites getting into the home through the foundations or from outdoors.


Indoor and outdoor walls are a prime target for termites. Small pinholes are a sign that they have entered the structures.

Piles of wood

These are a major food source for termites and should be kept well away from the home or any other important structure.

Ground near the home

Termites bore through the ground with distinctive mud tubes headed towards wooden structures.  These should be identified early to prevent further damage to the property.

Regular termite treatment is essential for effectively preventing and treating an infestation.