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Keeping Pests Out of The Home

There are a variety of steps homeowners should take in order to keep pests out of their homes.

Seal any entry points

It’s important to carefully examine walls, floors and ceilings to discover even tiny entry points that bugs can use to enter a home. And if a gap is large enough for a pencil to slide into, it’s large enough for a mouse.

Gaps should be checked around wiring, plumbing and vents. Siding should also be checked for signs of rot or bad construction.

Remove Moisture

Pests need water to survive and will tend to avoid dry environments.  Gutters should be pointed away from the home and be checked regularly for leaks. Lawns should be aerated so they can better absorb water and water trapping mulch should be kept away from the home.

Get rid of clutter

Clutter should be removed so pests don’t have a place to hide.  Items should not be stored unnecessarily and if they are kept, they should be stored neatly and inaccessibly.