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Local Mosquito Poses Year Round Threat

Research has found that an introduced species of mosquito is active throughout the year.

The University of Sydney’s Cameron Webb said that the London Underground Mosquito originally attacked Londoners who sheltered in the underground train network during bombing in World War II.

His research based on trapping techniques found that the mosquito is active throughout the year, including during winter when most other species are dormant.

There are now concerns that the mosquito could spread serious diseases around Australia.

Dr Webb said there is a prevailing myth that the mosquitoes are only a problem in tropical climates. However, an outbreak in North America and other outbreaks locally involving Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses prove that temperate areas are also at risk.  Both viruses have been reported on the edge of large cities including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

The London Underground mosquito is unique among mosquitoes in that it prefers to live in underground settings.