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The Garden Benefits of Household Waste

A range of commonly discarded waste products can work wonders in the garden and some can even help to repel pests.

Chocolate Husks

Cacao husks can help trap heat and moisture in the soil, while delivering phosphorus and nitrogen for strength and fast growth. Tomatoes love them but remember that your dog won’t.

Banana Peels

Banana Peels help repel aphids, which hate the taste of them. Sections of peel should be buried around an inch below the soil surface. Whole peels shouldn’t be used as these are likely to attract rats and other large pests.


Crushed eggshells sprinkled onto the soil can deter slugs and other insects, which dislike crawling over their serrated edges. They can also be added to a compost heap where they quickly release calcium and break down.

Nut casings

Peanut and pistachio nut shells are useful in compost as they can vary its thickness which will assist in aerating the soil.  They should be washed to remove salt, which is toxic to plants. Walnuts should also not be used as they contain juglone, which is also harmful to plants.