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Combating Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are difficult to remove without the help of a pest control expert. If larvae are found, it’s likely that the pest has been in the home for some time, which could mean an infestation has occurred. The beetle larvae enjoy…

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Keeping Locusts Away

When it comes to farmland, overgrazing is not just bad news for the land and livestock – it can encourage certain species of locusts to flourish. Researchers have found that some locust species prefer to eat nutrient starved grasses that grow in…

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Dealing with Fleas Naturally

Dealing with fleas is part of being a pet owner. However, there are natural ways to combat them and keep toxic chemicals out of the home, explained Living Green magazine. Some flea and tick treatments contain the toxic chemicals tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur…

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Londoners Snack on Pests at ‘Pestaurant’

Londoners have snacked on ants, pigeon and worms as part of a pop up insect restaurant. The restaurant was created by Rentokil to celebrate 85 years in the pest control business.

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Tips to Keep the Garden Free of Pests

There are a range of steps people should take to control garden pests, depending on what animal or insect in particular is responsible. Mosquitoes There are many animals such as frogs and toads that enjoy eating mosquitoes. These creatures should be nurtured…

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One Tech, One Child initiative with The Cambodian Children’s Fund

Competitive Pest Services has partnered with the Cambodian Children’s Fund to raise awareness and support for this worthy charity. The One Tech, One Child initiative is simple – for every new technician that joins CPS, the company will commit to sponsoring another…

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