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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

People need to take a range of steps to rid their home of bed bugs.

Hiding in beds and small cracks in flooring, bed bugs attack at night and can cause irritation and swelling. They usually grow to around a quarter of an inch in length and turn black after feasting on a person’s blood.

The first step to getting rid of them is to collect all sheets and blankets in the home and wash them in hot water mixed with bleach. The mattress, walls and floor around the bed should be carefully vacuumed to collect remaining bugs and larvae.

The bedroom should then be inspected for any sign of the bugs. Curtains, draws and cupboards should be closely checked.

A reliable, safe insecticide should then be used to treat at-risk areas of the home.

If these measures fail, it’s worthwhile calling in a professional pest controller to deal with the problem.