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Gympie is the Paralysis Tick Capital of Australia has revealed that Gympie has one of the highest rates of tick paralysis in the country.

2,000 cases were reported there last year, mainly between September and November.

Pet owners are being urged to regularly check their pets for ticks to help combat the condition.

Paralysis ticks are mainly found on the east coast of the country and are usually more active when the weather is warm. Their bite can prove fatal within only three days.

The ticks inflict harm by biting animals and injecting a toxin that affects the animal’s nervous system. Symptoms include wobbly walking, vomiting and weakness in the legs, starting at the back.

The disease can also cause drooling and a change in bark sound, as a result of the central nervous system being affected.

Dogs should be checked thoroughly, particularly for lumps on their body. Ticks should then be removed and a vet consulted if the problem seems serious.