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Rats Terrorise Gold Coast Residents

Residents in a Runaway Bay complex on the Gold Coast are being terrorised by large rats.

Complex manager Rhonda Delaney said that the rats were coming from a nearby abandoned property next to a lake.

The poorly maintained site is adjacent to the back garden of the complex and the rats are now regularly entering residents’ properties.

Many are terrified to go outside and some are even considering moving.

The site owner had tried using bait and traps but these proved ineffective. The abandoned site is now not only an eyesore, but also a risk to the health of local residents.

The lake also floods residents’ properties during heavy rain, ruining their gardens and causing a surge in mosquitoes.

“There are so many mosquitoes, residents can’t sit outside,” said Delaney.

With security fencing having been taken down, residents are also worried that a child might drown in the lake.

The site was originally going to be used for a social housing complex, but this plan was abandoned after fierce local opposition.