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What Should You Do if You Find a Wasp Nest?

Yellow Jacket and paper wasps strike fear into many people – especially if they are allergic to them.

The weather determines the number of wasps in any given season, but the cycles are complex. A cold spring results in more queens dying and therefore places downward pressure on wasp populations. However, the cold weather also inhibits animals that eat wasps, making it difficult to make clear predictions about wasp populations.

Wasp nests that are close to windows, doors and balconies should be removed. This is best done at night when the insects are at home and less active.

People who are allergic to wasps should never attempt removal work themselves. Wasp stings can cause breathing problems, dizziness and vomiting for a small section of the population.

Cone traps can be used to kill wasps but they are unlikely to destroy a colony. Chemicals should also be avoided wherever possible as they can be very toxic to other creatures aside from wasps.