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Australia’s National Parks Get Serious About Controlling Pests

NSW has introduced new measures that will make its pest control strategy amongst the strictest in the country.

An army of volunteers will be trained in pest control to give them specific skills comparable to professionals.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) will provide the training and direct the activities of volunteers and paid staff. The aim of the program is to better control pests within national parks and ensure the safety of the public.

Feral animals are currently being culled by the NPWS and the new program will allow the organisation to expand its activities. The pests include wild pigs, dogs, rabbits, goats, cats, deer and foxes.

The Kosciuszko National Park has been reviewing measures to control feral horses and stop them from destroying vegetation and endangering motorists. Park authorities have been disappointed by the surge in feral horse numbers in the park.

The plan will aim to control the horse population humanely, but the priority is to prevent further damage to local ecosystems.