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Act Fast to Defeat Fleas

Pet owners can win the war against fleas if they work closely with their veterinarian on a treatment plan.

Flea populations can swing dramatically depending on the weather. Unfortunately, people can become lax when flea populations are low and not apply the preventative treatments they need to. Pet owners only medicate when a problem presents itself. However, effective flea control is mostly about prevention and people need to constantly be vigilant.

Effective flea treatments should kill fleas and prevent eggs from developing.

The reason prevention is so important as that flea populations can expand rapidly. For example, if a dog has two fleas, within weeks they could yield around 2,000 hatching eggs. These then reproduce at the same rate, leaving a population of millions around the home.

An effective treatment needs to be tailored to the animals, their behaviour and the home environment. A qualified veterinarian can analyse these factors and recommend the best product to use.