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Chemically Treating for Termites? Take these Steps to Keep Safe

Chemically treating a termite problem can be a major undertaking.

Tenting a home means that the residents and all animals and plants are removed from the property for at least two days. A potent gas, sulfuryl fluoride, is then applied to the home to kill termites and other pests. As the gas has no odour, tear gas is added to help keep people and animals away.

To prepare for the procedure, satellite dishes and antennae also need to be removed.

An 18 inch zone around the home should then be cleared so that the tent that seals the property can be erected. Because there is usually some leakage, there’s a risk that plants near the tent could still be killed or harmed by the gas.

Any food in the home that is not tightly sealed or packed should be removed. This includes food in the fridge or freezer.

Anything in the bathroom that enters the mouth such as toothpaste or brushes should also be taken away.