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Londoners Snack on Pests at ‘Pestaurant’

Londoners have snacked on ants, pigeon and worms as part of a pop up insect restaurant.

The restaurant was created by Rentokil to celebrate 85 years in the pest control business.

Brave diners were given the chance to eat pigeon and sweet chili burgers, salt and vinegar crickets and worms with barbeque sauce.

The food was free – although not all diners had a pleasant experience.

A nine year old boy ate around ten worms at once and then ran off to vomit. He said he liked them but just tried to eat too many at once.

The UN has recently advocated the consumption of insects as a way to deal with growing populations and future food shortages.

Many insects are high in protein and essential minerals while containing very little fat. Pigeons are also well regarded in fine dining and feature in a range of acclaimed restaurants around the world.