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Dealing with Fleas Naturally

Dealing with fleas is part of being a pet owner. However, there are natural ways to combat them and keep toxic chemicals out of the home, explained Living Green magazine.

Some flea and tick treatments contain the toxic chemicals tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur which are particularly dangerous to young children who spend a lot of time embracing and stroking their pets.

Instead of resorting to chemicals, people should first make sure they keep their pets indoors and thoroughly comb and vacuum to remove fleas and their eggs.

Spot treatments of medicine can be applied in moderation as long as they don’t contain tetrachlorvinphos or propoxur.

Pet bedding should be washed thoroughly in hot water with soap. Natural products using lemongrass, peppermint or thyme should also be tried.

Grass and other shrubbery where the pet spends time should be trimmed to increase its exposure to sunlight and make it drier. This can naturally inhibit flea populations.