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Demand for Pest Controllers On the Rise

With food scarcity increasing, demand for pest managers is set to rise, reported Simon Leather from Despite the demand for skilled pest controllers, the profession has trouble attacting graduates due to a lack of exposure to the field and a misunderstanding…

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Where Will You Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of Australians’ biggest concerns when travelling domestically and overseas, according to Yahoo Travel. With Australians making over four million trips abroad every year, 34% have encountered bed bugs on their travels. The highest number of infestations are found…

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Flesh Eating Flies Found in Hospital

Flies pose a health risk at hospitals and need to be dealt with quickly and effectively, explained Garrards Pest Review. In a recent case, flies were found in the ICU and operating theatre of major hospitals. In the case of the ICU,…

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Pest Controllers Now Combating Ultra Rats & Flesh Eating Ants

Pest controllers in the UK have been battling exotic pests recently including foreign ants, fleas and pigeons, reported Natalie O’Neill for Times. Pest controllers said they have been dealing with a range of interesting calls, with a surge in wasp problems in…

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You Need a Trustworthy, Professional Pest Controller. Here’s How to Get One

Choosing an effective pest controller can be daunting but people should follow a few key steps to ensure they get the right company for the job. explained what to look out for. Research Screen companies for their expertise, stability, insurance, warranties…

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Get Rid of Kitchen Weevils Once and for All!

The weevil is one of the most despised kitchen pests, with its keen appetite for chocolate, rice, pasta and all other kinds of prized food. Entomologist, Dr Ken Walker, said that while the pests consume food, they don’t carry diseases or cause…

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