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Fight Back Against Household Creepy Crawlies

It’s never pleasant finding an insect or two sneaking around your home – and you know that if you’ve found one there are many more that you can’t see! But what can you do t get rid of the critters?

The Fiji Times Online gave some tips on keeping unwanted insects at bay.


  • Do a big cleanup and get rid of any clutter that the cockroaches will call home.
  • Spills should be wiped up immediately and the space under freezers and sinks should be kept clean.
  • In particular, food spills should be carefully avoided at night as this is when cockroaches are most active.
  • Food should be stored securely before being stored.


  • The luggage of all visitors should be checked carefully.
  • Take a good look at your own luggage when you return home from a trip.
  • If bedbugs are found on a mattress it should be left out in the sun along with nearby bags to kill the insects.


  • Rubbish needs to be stored and disposed off properly, especially if it’s being kept in a dark or damp area.
  • All entry points to the home, such as exposed pipes or sinks should be washed with soapy water.
  • All bedding should be checked at night and if a serious infestation is detected, a pest control company should be called as soon as possible.