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Possum Infestation Keeps Prime Minister Out of House

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been unable to move into the official prime ministerial house, The Lodge, due to possum problems and disrepair at the iconic home.

Mr Abbott has instead been living with police recruits at a budget flat with a shared kitchenette, reported the UK’s The Telegraph.

The Lodge is a 1920s mansion in Canberra that has over 40 rooms. However, previous residents have been reporting problems.

Former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said she was once interrupted by possum urine dribbling through the roof towards an iconic painting while hosting a foreign leader in 2012. Guests had to be quickly hurried out of the room.

The building it due to undergo major repairs, with up to a year needed to fix wires, remove asbestos and seal the roof. Mr Abbott will entertain guests at his parliamentary offices until the repairs have been finished.

Mr Abbott was given an awkward introduction and tour of the property by former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.