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Redbacks Are Tricky to Get Rid of – Find Out How

Redbacks managed to kill 12 people in Australia before an anti-venom was developed in the 1950s.

While no fatalities have been reported since that time, they can still cause significant pain to their victims. The pest control product company, Garrads, explained some facts of the deadly spider.

Only the female bites humans, as the male’s fangs are too small to pierce the skin. The symptoms can take some days to reach their full effect, progressing from light pain to paralysis in extreme cases. However, redbacks are not aggressive and will only attack if they feel threatened.

Watch out for the signs of redback spiders. They usually build messy webs attached to structures such as fences, walls and play equipment. If you see one, there are likely to be even more that you can’t see and it’s important to call in a pest controller to eliminate them.

Redback spiders can be hard to combat without specialised equipment. They can easily hide in tubes, cavities and stored goods and re-infest a property if not adequately controlled. An expert will locate their hiding places, rather than relying on a general spray application.