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The LAZY Guide to Pest Control

If you’re seeing signs of a few rodents it usually means there’s already a major problem underway.

Mice mature within 25 days and within four months, a single pair can have 200 offspring. These pests carry up to 40 diseases and are known to bite through wiring and cause house fires.

So if there are any signs of rodents around your home you need to act quickly. Luckily, Metro put together a set of pest control steps that spell out lazy – literally.

L – Look for entry points.

Possible entry points should be identified and sealed up. Mice only need a gap of 1.75cm to enter, so it’s important to seal even small holes with a weather resistant sealant.

A – Always keep food sealed away.

Food scraps and open containers lure rodents in so cover bins and leftovers.

Z – Zero in on the warning signs.

Look out for gnaw marks, holes with rough edges that feel slightly greasy and small black droppings.

Y – Yard maintenance is key.

The yard should be kept free of rubbish and shrubs that act as rodent hiding spots. If rodents are identified on the property, a pest controller should be called in.