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Get Rid of Kitchen Weevils Once and for All!

The weevil is one of the most despised kitchen pests, with its keen appetite for chocolate, rice, pasta and all other kinds of prized food.

Entomologist, Dr Ken Walker, said that while the pests consume food, they don’t carry diseases or cause health problems. In fact, eating them offers a little burst of protein.

Good Food explained that weevils usually enter the pantry in egg form on food. While freezing food before adding it to the pantry will kill the larvae, it won’t necessarily kill the eggs.

An early sign of infestation is powder on grains and nuts. Sometimes small, pale larvae can be seen along with small cocoons. Once the adults are seen, it’s too late to prevent the infestation.

Food should be taken out from the pantry, one shelf at a time. This makes it easier to identify signs of an infestation. Affected food should be thrown out and the rest stored in sealed plastic containers.

The shelves will need to be washed out with water too, as pupae are often lodged in corners and cracks.