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You Need a Trustworthy, Professional Pest Controller. Here’s How to Get One

Choosing an effective pest controller can be daunting but people should follow a few key steps to ensure they get the right company for the job. explained what to look out for.


Screen companies for their expertise, stability, insurance, warranties and approach to safety. Take out several proposals and quotes so companies can be assessed on these features along with their prices.

It’s important to talk to each business and find out how long they have been trading for and whether they are a part of an industry association. Next, ask them about the chemicals they use and how they manage any health risks.

Meet them

Once you have a shortlist, invite the companies to visit the property while you are there. It’s important to be present during the inspection. Companies should be assessed on their presentation, cleanliness and equipment quality.

Ask questions

Ask each company about their licenses and whether or not they use sub-contractors, as this can sometimes be a bad sign. Also find out if they have a back-up service period.