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Pest Controllers Now Combating Ultra Rats & Flesh Eating Ants

Pest controllers in the UK have been battling exotic pests recently including foreign ants, fleas and pigeons, reported Natalie O’Neill for Times.

Pest controllers said they have been dealing with a range of interesting calls, with a surge in wasp problems in summer.

Even people with immaculate homes can still suffer a pest invasion if there’s a small hole in the property. Mice instinctively explore holes to see what’s at the other end.

Rats can be difficult to address as they often enter hard-to-reach drains and sewerage networks. They’re also surprisingly destructive. One pest controller reported finding rats that had chewed through concrete and steel.

Pharaoh ants are a problem for people with wounds. The small, orange coloured ant enters wounds and dressings, drawn by protein and sugars.

Pest controllers in the UK use a variety of pesticides, gels and other chemical treatments to tackle pests while also working with local councils to make public spaces less pest friendly.