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Flesh Eating Flies Found in Hospital

Flies pose a health risk at hospitals and need to be dealt with quickly and effectively, explained Garrards Pest Review.

In a recent case, flies were found in the ICU and operating theatre of major hospitals. In the case of the ICU, the insect was a flesh fly which lays live maggots in decaying flesh. The cause was likely a dead possum or rat in the roof, with flies accessing the ICU through the air conditioning vent.

The operating theatre had to contend with phorid flies, which lay eggs in open wounds. Understandably, the surgeons refused to operate until the problem was dealt with.

A glueboard UV light was used in the ICU to lure and trap the flies. It collected a thousand within just two days. Very few flies made it into the ICU following the installation.

In the theatre, the rubbish removal methods were improved to remove the flies’ food source. Traps and stickyboards were placed around the theatres to capture any remaining insects.